Peanuts Holiday Specials You Never Saw

Shortly after his death in 2000, family members arranging Charles Shulz’s estate and personal effects discovered a collection of rough animatics for a number of Peanuts animated specials that never made it into production.  The story arcs were quite different from what had come before, and may well explain aspects of lead character Charlie Brown’s personality development over the life of the series.  The following is a selection of the titles found.

– I’m Afraid It’s Throat Cancer, Charlie Brown

– She’s Dead, Charlie Brown, And It’s All Your Fault

– Welcome To The Hitler Youth, Charlie Brown

– Your Fingerprints Were Found At The Scene, Charlie Brown

– There Was Lead In That Paint, Charlie Brown

– You’ve Been Drinking, Charlie Brown

– How Do You Plead, Charlie Brown?

– Let Me Out Of The Car, Charlie Brown!

– Put The Dirty Needle Down, Charlie Brown!

– The Contagion Must End With You, Charlie Brown.

– Show Us On The Doll Where He Touched You, Charlie Brown.

– You’ve Summoned Baphomet, Charlie Brown!

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