Short Tales Of Terror

A fanatical dog-lover gets bitten by a werewolf. To his disappointment, nothing much happens.

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I now collaborate on the odd and phantastical piratey & touristy tome about WHORE ISLAND. You can see my work and others in that wonderfully useful little guide at


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The Internets, They Show Me Things

I haven’t written anything here in a while, clearly.  But fear not! For I have not died! I am not merely a reanimated husk that has just now regained control of my digital extremeties.

Despite the appearances.

In any case. I have still been Around.  And these are the Places I Have Been.


  • FreakAngels a weekly webcomic of Good.
  • Dr McNinja a weekly webcomic of Weird.
  • DRGBLZ a collection of mentally unstable people obsessed with airships.


  • AshleeMaegan photorealism graphite artist
  • RavenOne pencil & ink artist and wonderful Mythos Nerd like me:)

Ever-Growing Wordpiles

  • Whitechapel Internet Jesus’ Internet Church, wherein my cerebral demands for High Science updates mix with the most base of soul-desecrating net-trawling. Sums up Warren Ellis pretty nicely, actually.
  • Twitter wherein my occassional rants about not much in particular are foisted upon an unwilling public, and the rants of others facinate me far more than is appropriate.

Enjoy this little slice of interwubz pie.  It has occupied me quite entirely since last we spoke.

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Nachos, Nachos everywhere…

“I smell nachos.”

“We’re on a tram. We’re going through the industrial district! How can you smell nachos?”

“I smell nachos!”

“You always smell nachos. We could be deep down in a cave, far away from human habitation, and you would smell nachos.”

“Don’t hold me accountable for the prevalence of nachos cookery in the natural world. Did you ever consider that caves are possibly the natural habitat of nachos? Perhaps they thrive down there, away from humans.”

“Nachos aren’t a species.”

“Oh, its exactly that closed-minded bigotry that has lead to their virtual extinction outside of domesticated stock-rearing above ground level.”

“That’s ridiculous. This conversation’s over.”

“Your credibility is over.”

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Winter Hates Me With Vicious Stair-Bludgeoning

Brief reprieve from my twisted word-wrangling while I recover from falling down a flight of stairs. At first it was all like “WHEEEEEEEEE!” but then came concrete. I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

<end transmission>

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Rejoice, Humans!

Dance and be Merry.  Do this. For I have instructed it.

You see before you the Dread Writings of Adam Park.  Some are themed, and in series.  Others are random meanderings of a distracted mind, or news updates on subjects that I find personally interesting.  The categories on the sidebar are there for your convenient navigation, should you require it.

This is my first attempt at a blogsite, and shall be a constantly evolving beast.  There will be stretches of inactivity, and bursts of collective updates, all dependent on the amount of caffeine coursing through my dry, crackling veins.

Enjoy it.  Or don’t.  It’s your choice.

<end transmission>

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